First Launch: Lego The Hobbit

What’s up Gamers!! So last night after watching USA take down Ghana in epic fashion Vent and I went and popped in Lego: The Hobbit.  I have played (and 100%) most Lego games including Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings so I am very familiar with these games. 

We played through the first few levels and had a blast doing.  Loving some of the new features with placing the correct brick in the build mode to make it a bit more interactive and also the buddy up system for different attacks and special moves.  It does keep the same radonk humor that the Lego games are famous for as well as the stud, brick, and character collecting features.

The Lego games stories are not difficult…not even a little bit.  Acquiring some of the bricks can be a bit challenging, but after a little thought and ingenuity it can be figured out.  I remember when Vent had trouble getting orcs to fight him in Lego LOTR all because he was player 2, but that’s for a different time.

I use these games as a fun and simple break from the usual highly specialized killing games that we are all used to.  I highly recommend checking at least one out if you never have and I have very high hopes for this one in particular.

Boom…Game on Gamers…


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