Destiny Beta Review

I was lucky enough to be part of the short but sweet Destiny Alpha, now that the Destiny beta is in full swing I’ve gotten to spend more time guarding the last of humanity and I am blown away. With the beta comes more campaign missions, four to be exact, a tease of the Moon map and a limited Crucible mode, Iron Banner,  where level advantages are in full effect. Bungie also opened the flood gates on the social, MMO portion of the game for the beta build. This was one of the more disappointing points in the Alpha but now the tower is a hive of players dancing, saluting, and buying massive guns and ships. Crossing paths with various levels of players is fun but nothing compares to stumbling upon a group of players trying to take down a Devil Walker and joining the fight.

All my time with the beta so far has been devoted to my male exo warlock, currently sitting at level 8. The entire upgrade experience isn’t confined to just your character. Upgrades can be earned for armor and weapons that not only boost some attributes but add specific actions that can reduce cool downs on various abilities. For example I have a level 8 shotgun with fire damage that every time I score damage with reduces the time it takes my absorbing melee to recharge, once I use my absorbing melee, it takes time of my grenade recharge and so on, everything is connected. Armor can be purchased or upgraded to be able to hold more ammo for certain weapons as well as stat increase.

Destiny Beta_20140724202951

An extended beta means I’ve been able to really explore more of the world, as a level 4 I followed a level 8 to an area full of higher level enemies and quickly died, when I can back several level ups later for revenge I continued just wondering, and wondering, and wondering. I ended up in a decaying building I had no other reason to be other than I was curious and I could with no load times and when I was done I simply called down my vehicle and rode all the way back to where I originally spawned. This game is simply massive.

Leading up to the beta, Bungie also released the Guardian companion App. This free app is packed with useful information that might make your wireless provider cringe if you aren’t on wifi. From the app you can check on your current bounties progress, recent Crucible stats, inventory, and every kill you have made in the game and when. You can also view the all your unlocked Grimoire cards, maps, even find and join groups for fire team fun.


If I can find any faults in Destiny so far it’s that one, It doesn’t come out till September and two, I waited an extra day after the announcement of the Ghost edition, which is now currently sold out…everywhere. Every time I step foot into the virtual old Russia I grow more and more impatient for the full release. Based on everything I have seen and played this is easily earning its title as the biggest game ever.

Till later Guardians, I’ve got more Fallen to kill,



Hardline Beta impressions


 If you’ve ever played a Battlefield game before then you know what to expect from the multiplayer aspect; four separate classes each with different weapons available to them, giant set pieces that change with level triggers and as always people making made dashes for the helicopters with no idea on how to fly them. Yes it seems like the formula is intact and well with all but a few changes. The bullet torn maps of warzones in train depots and rundown desert cities have been replaced with a sprawling metropolitan cityscape and factions of soldiers are re skinned as Cops and robbers.



The main attraction of the beta is the Heist Mode, a capture the flag style battle where the main objective is to, if you’re on the criminal side, to blow up a vault truck, steal the money within and escape and as you may have guessed, the opposite if you’re on the side of the police. If you manage to blow the truck and grab all the money, you win. Standard Battlefield style game play follows in the massive city map. The gigantic level triggers that bring forth massive destructive change seem a bit out of place when you consider the only thing on the line is money. There wasn’t anything wrong with beta that I could see and I did have fun while playing it, but I didn’t find myself being excited for the release at all or wanting to play it beyond the point that I did. With no new innovations I could easily see myself playing BF3 or 4 if I wanted the experience of it. I can’t help but wonder if the Battlefield series is struggling in an effort to keep up with the serialization of the Call of Duty series and if Hardline is just a cleaner, hopefully less glitch ridden, version of 4.


Have you played it? What do you think? Let us know


Later Gamers,