Killcams: Did they kill campers?

Not too long ago I remember living in a world full of terror and unknowingness. A world in which you could be going about your day blissfully riding around in a ghost or warthog when all of a sudden BAM!!! Sniped in the head and on your way to respawn, never getting a chance to say goodbye or see the face of your killer. Your second shot at life comes around and you vow to not squander it this time, to get out there and do something that matters and as you set out into the world full of purpose and cautious optimism you approach the spot where you wasted your first BAM!!!!! Sniped again and just like last time no sign of the killer. Campers ruled the multiplayer world, taking advantage of corners, ditches and overlooks, preying on anyone who walks into their crosshairs. Then, like fire and the wheel before it, Killcam came along and changed everything.


In its early form, the killcam showed what the player was doing a few seconds before bringing down your kill/death ratio. Other iterations show their location at the time off death and a few moments after. Either way you get a sense of where the other player was, if they had been there for awhile and if they are going to be there for you to get a little bit of revenge. Camping as it was known lessoned to a wonderful degree. There was still a few brave/crazy/good enough to get away with it for awhile, but the time of finding a good spot and waiting was over.

People are smart and they will find a way to adapt. Instead of the sit and wait campers a new crop of players soon started popping up. Ones that not only control a finite area of a map but do so using the killcam as a tool not a hinderance. Knowing full well the urge to extract revenge on the player that just so easily stood there, or crouched for that matter, and increased his stats while decreasing yours, a savy player can use this as a strength. Players find a small area of the map that is either easily defendable or with plenty of hiding spots and simply wait for that first kill. The killee watches their shame unfold on the killcam and vows to come back and knife the camper, but while the killee is making his way back, the killer has moved to another spot, close by and with a view, or has set up a trap and boom, chalk up one more kill. This is the killcam camping strategy born out of something designed to end camping and yes I am guilty.


In some ways this new beast is worse, at least with the corner crouchers of yester year you could easily avoid the area all together and they would end the match with a nice little kill/death ratio but nothing record breaking, but these monsters (again, I’m guilty of this) play on your basic human emotions while taunting you into endless amounts of death. In other ways, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe this is just the natural progression of skill and tactics and anything is better than people lying in wait for an opportunistic kill. Would you rather tread lightly around corners and rooftops? If you see someone take control of an area, does it light some primal urge in you to digitally wipe that smug (probably) look off their face no matter the cost? Does it not even matter because fuck tactics and the like? What do you guys think of Campers and killcams in general? Let us know


Later Gamers,