Mortal Kobat X is coming, be excited

If one thing has ever been true, it’s that I’m a giant fan of fighting games. You wanna get hadoukened? Fine. Wanna lose fast in Bushido Blade (deep cut)? Cool. Want a bo staff beat down from Kilik, then come at me bro. Marvel v Capcom, Power Stone, Playstation All Stars, hell, I’ll even curb stomp you in some Def jam, but none of these hold a fire breathing skull lit candle to Mortal Kombat. With trailers and new info about Mortal Kombat X getting released I can feel my excitement to nut punch dudes and rip some spines out growing.

I hold Deadly Alliance to be the absolute pinnacle of Mortal Kombat games. It was the first time they had multiple fighting styles and weapons for each character, giving skillful players the chance to string a barrage of hits together fluidly spanning all three styles then spearing a giant ice sword (In Sub Zeros case) into your opponents belly, gradually letting them bleed out. You could gradually learn these combos through the Konquest mode, a tutorial/story campaign available for each character earning Koins and knowledge for each play though. Earned Koins could then be spent in the Krypt on collectables, forcing the digital hoarder in me to keep playing. Deception was released a year afterwards and while the beefed up the Konquest mode and added chess and puzzle modes were kool (see what I did there) the tweaks made to the general combat threw me off a bit and the fact that I ate nothing but ramen for a week so I could buy it didn’t help either. For a while anytime we had any sort of gathering at my apartment, Mortal Kombat was sure to make an appearance, sometimes having 10 to 15 people wait patiently around the TV sipping beers, looking for their next chance to dethrone the current champ.

With “X” NetherRealm seems to be returning to the form they cultivated in Deadly Alliance and perfected with the recent game Injustice. In the trailer we saw old rivals Scorpion and Sub Zero flaunt various fighting styles, new special attacks, a killer ice sword, and the ability to use the environment to your advantage. Three new characters were introduced at E3 last week along with the returning favorites Sub Zero and Scorpion. There is a Master/Blaster esque combo named Ferra and Torr, a woman who can control insects named D’Vorah and the expectantly nut crushing, kiss blowing offspring of Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade, Cassie Cage. The info was scarce as there was no mention of modes to be included or what type of finishers will be back, but I imagine in the coming months we will slowly learn more and more to get excited about.

So who would you like to see make a comeback(Smoke), what modes(Chess), finishers(friendship)?


Stay Toasty